What do we teach?

Compressions-Only CPR for Kids

Compressions-Only Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (or CO-CPR) is a form of CPR that does not require you to breathe into another person's mouth. This makes it an easier form of CPR for anyone, especially children, to learn.


And, for adults and teenagers, CO-CPR works just as well as regular CPR. In fact, some studies say that because you aren't stopping the heart compressions to breathe into a person's mouth, CO-CPR might be even more effective than regular CPR at keeping oxygen-rich blood moving to the brain!


Once you've learned how to save a life with CO-CPR, you too will be a member of The Junior Heart Squad!

Why teach kids CO-CPR?

Most people have no idea what to do when there is a cardiac emergency, particularly when someone's heart stops beating and they are not breathing. The American Heart Association™ reports that 88 percent of heart attacks or cardiac arrests occur at home, and quite often there is a child present when it happens.


Learning CO-CPR will help your son/daughter know what to do if an adult or teenager collapses and isn't breathing. And knowing what to do will help them stay calm, do a great job and potentially save someone's life!


(For infants, toddlers and non-teenage children, the standard form of CPR is still necessary)

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