Our Mission (for the Kids)

Did you ever wish you could save a life?

Or handle bullying?

Or do something to help the environment?

Or learn how to stay healthy?

Or fly to another planet in a spaceship that you built all by yourself?

Okay, well maybe we can't teach you how to do that last one LOL. BUT we can tell you that if you want to be an astronaut or ANYTHING AT ALL, that you can do it if you try and believe in yourself. And we're going to have ebooks that can help you with all those other things too, and more!

(Pssst... just in case you dont know - an ebook is an electronic book you can read with your computer, your tablet, your Kindle or your cell phone.)

Our Mission (for the Grownups)

Healthy Thinking Kids is a model organization that focuses on the awareness needs in the education and implementation of life survival skills for grade school children between the ages of 6-16. The mission is to clearly equip these children - regardless of race, national origin, gender or religion - with skill sets that can be engaged in a crisis.

The Healthy Thinking Kids project will begin with a series of ebooks that teach life lessons, useful skills and good habits - all presented in "kidspeak".

In the ebook series the HTK cast come across trials and situations that real children encounter everyday away from their parents. The goal is to help them make good decisions about what to do when the adults they trust aren't around to ask for advice and guidance.

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