Are you a Healthy Thinking Kid?

Do you know what to do in different types of emergencies?
Does your family have an Emergency Numbers and Names List?
Do you know your parents' actual names and phone numbers>
Does your family have a Fire Evacuation Plan?
Do you know what types of strangers are safe to speak to and which are not?
Do you wonder what you can do to make your body healthier?
Do you know what foods are good for you and why?
Do you exercise?
Do you think about the environment?
Does your family recycle?

These are some of the things that HTKids think about. And here, at, you'll find answers to lots of questions just like these and more.

At HTKids, we want kids, and the adults in their lives, to start thinking Healthy, Safe and Smart, and we want them to start talking about these things too... home, at school, everywhere !

At HTKids, you'll find tips, activities, as well as, links to more great information.

We will soon have videos that kids and adults can watch together on subjects from CPR and First Aid to Going Green and Making Good Friend Choices.

We're also planning to have a Heart Squad Video Game, and fun items like, tee-shirts, backpacks, stickers, posters and more, to help remind everyone to think Healthy, Safe and Smart.

So come on in, look around, and learn. And feel free to tell us what you'd like to see here... suggestions are welcomed and appreciated :)

Oh, and please pardon our dust as we're still growing too !!!

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The Junior Heart Squad Book

Now available on Amazon!

The Healthy Thinking Kids are a group of diverse characters with personalities that real children can relate to. Sam the Paramedic meets the Healthy Thinking Kids in the park to teach them what to do if an adult or teenager collapses and isn't breathing. Sam will talk to the kids about why healthy eating and exercise are important. And then, he will teach them a form of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (or CPR) called Compressions-Only CPR.

This book includes detailed instructions and illustrations to help you learn the proper way to do Compressions-Only CPR. This book does not certify you in CPR. But it will teach you what to do in an emergency where a teen or an adult has stopped breathing. This book will teach you a way to help keep someone alive without having to breathe into their mouth. Learning Compressions-Only CPR can help you save your parents, grandparents, a family member or even a stranger's life while you wait for emergency help to arrive.

And knowing what to do in an emergency will help you stay calm and do a great job!

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Paperback and ebook available

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